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Netrek is a free online multiplayer game that is played in a galaxy not so far away
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1 March 2004

Editor's review

Netrek is a challenging strategy game with a Start Trek theme. It has been popularly played for a long time now and is still the favorite of its patronizers.
It is a game which has sixteen players divided into two opposing teams. The teams, which represent two warring Empires, battle in space over the galaxy. The opposing Empires strive to take over each other’s planets. You could choose to play on any server online. You will team up with different players at different times making every game uncertain. When there are no players online to team up with you, you could practise flying your spaceship or playing with a robot. The game screen displays the tactics used and the galaxy map. You could also share messages with your teammates under the Team messages section. There is also space for Personal messages and All other messages. The visual-effects transport you to a different world.
You could start playing for free and never get tired of winning over galaxies.

Publisher's description

Netrek is a free online multiplayer game that is played in a galaxy not so far away. Up to 16 players, from around the world, are divided into two teams representing the Empires that battle in space for dominion over the galaxy. To win, you and your team must claim the other teams space by taking their planets. Think that sounds easy? Think again, since you are always teaming up with different people as well as playing against different people, there is always a challenge.
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great!!! i can see the shining lightss!! hehehehehehe...
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